How to apply filters in invoicing application?

To apply filters in Metro ERP's Invoicing App, follow these steps:

1) Go to the "Invoicing" module by clicking on its icon in the main dashboard or using the application menu.

2) ​Select the type of report or data you want to filter (e.g., My Invoices, Draft, Posted, Cancelled, Paid, Not Paid, Invoice Date, Due Date, etc).

3) Once you're in the desired report or data view, look for filter options. Common filters include filters based on Invoice Date, Due Date, Status, and more.

4) Click on the filter criteria you want to apply. For example, if you want to filter invoices by a specific date range, click on the "Invoice Date" filter and select the date range.

5) The report will update to display only the data that matches your filter criteria.

6) You can add custom filters using the "Add Custom Filter" option if your specific filtering needs are not covered by the default filters.

7) Additionally, you can group the reports using the "Group By" options to organize the data as per your requirements.

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