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Features of Metro POS

Multiple Payment Method

Provide facility to pay through different payment methods to your customers with our state-of-the-art point of sale inventory software.

Provide Discount

Provide discounts to your customers to hold on to existing business and maintain a friendly relationship with them.

Return & Refund 

Facilitate returns and refunds to the customers as and when the requires arise.

POS Promotions

MetroERP facilitates the creation of different types of POS promotions to grow your business in Singapore and overseas.

Customer Loyalty Points

Add loyalty points to your customer's account on every purchase to incentivize and keep a good relationship with your customer.

Duplicate Bill

Duplicate bills can be generated at any time from our MetroERP Point Of Sale system.

Offline Support

Our Point of sale inventory software allows you to do sale transactions offline. Without the need for the internet. 

Realtime Data

Our ERP point of sale system helps to get real-time data if needed.

Highly Scalable

With MetroERP grow your business and reach a high scale.

Easily accessible from any hardware device

Don't worry. Our system is compatible with any device like smartphone/tablet/laptop/desktop. Integrate our system and keep selling!

Provide discount

Provide discounts to your customers on the individual product or over total billing. Also, you can change the product price, quantity etc. with the MetroERP POS system in Singapore.

Facilitates multiple payment methods

Provide your customer with different options of payment methods to do the payment easily. It will increase your selling opportunity. 

Provide additional promotions

Nowadays, promotions are smart strategies to attract more and more customers. The MetroERP POS module facilitates this functionality. You can provide unlimited promotions to your customers with our point of sale systems.

Provide loyalty points to your customers

Nowadays, loyalty point is also a good strategy to attract more and more customers. the MetroERP POS module facilitates this functionality. You can provide unlimited promotions to your customers.

Barcode scanning facility

Barcode scanning is an efficient way to find the correct product and process for sale. In our POS system in Singapore, this feature is integrated and you can use it by default.

Set up & use product categories

It is highly possible that you own lots of products with similar names but those products belong to different categories. Hence our categorisation approach comes to the rescue, it will divide the products into different categories so that while selling, it will be easier to find the product and process it.

Outlet stock control

With the MetroERP Point of sale inventory system, it will be easier to track and control your stock efficiently. Traditional approaches require manual checking of the stock every day and it consumes a lot of time and brainwork. Hence, the MetroERP POS system helps by automating the whole process efficiently.

Export bulk data anytime

With MetroERP POS system you can export the sales details, product data anytime you want. It's very convenient to be provided with the data on an excel sheet.

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Customer onboarding process


We follow a defined structure for our customer onboarding

Data migration

We will migrate your existing data to our system


After the quality check, we complete all kinds of implementation processes


We will provide training to your staff regarding how to use the system efficiently

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