Industries We Serve.

Business is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Each industry demands a tailored solution that suits its unique needs. Discover how we have assisted businesses in your specific industry by clicking the link below.

Beauty & Spa Industry

Experience the artistry of Metro ERP as it enhances your beauty sanctuary, delivering exceptional service. Unleash the power of Metro ERP's Beauty & Spa Management system to curate unforgettable moments of relaxation, setting your spa apart in elegance.


Retail Industry

Our Retail Management System optimizes retail operations with POS, inventory management, CRM, and analytics. Streamline sales, efficiently manage inventory, nurture customer relationships, and make informed decisions.


Air Con Servicing, General Services, On Site Services

We are growing with our ERP solution for Manufacturing industries with advance processes. We already helped many SME's and large organization to achieve their success. Stay ahead of the competition and achieve unparalleled success in the ever-evolving manufacturing landscape with our industry-leading services.


Offices / Financial / IT Company

Manage your real estate business with our tailored ERP solutions. Our comprehensive simplify various aspects of your business, including property valuation, property management, vendor management, property listing marketplace, sales, and leasing. Boost your business productivity and maximise growth with Metro ERP solutions.


Pet Hotel / Hotel / Rooms / Event Halls

Our ERP software streamlines operations enhances guest experiences, and maximizes efficiency. We optimise revenue, improve staff productivity, and simplify daily operations. Unlock the full potential of your hotel or restaurant business with our customised solution.


Wholesale & Distribution

Transform wholesale & distribution operations with Metro ERP. Manage sales, purchasing, inventory, and warehouses seamlessly. Streamline orders, optimize stock levels for efficiency, accuracy, and real-time insights.


Health Care Industry

We specialize in providing tailored healthcare software solution that streamline workflows, enhance patient care, ensure compliance.our software integrates seamlessly and prioritizes data security, empowering healthcare organizations to deliver efficient and high-quality services.


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