Digitalise your sales process!
Go digital, be up-to-date!

Send sales quotations to your customer, and manage your sale process easily. Keep track of the entire progress.

Key features of the Sales Management System

Customised Dashboard

Boost sales efficiency, streamline operations, track performance, and gain valuable insights with our sales management system.

Send Quotations Online 

Effortlessly create and send professional quotations online – close deals faster with our online sales management system.

Get Signed Approval

Accelerate sales success with seamless customer approvals – get signed agreements faster, boosting your revenue with our sales management system.

Quotation Template

A quotation template is very useful to reduce time & effort where you can create one quotation template and create multiple quotations using it.

Give Discount

If you want to provide a discount on any product then you can do that with our sales management system.

Customised Report

Tailor your reporting to match your business goals – unlock key metrics and drive sales performance to new heights with our sales management system.

Customer onboarding process


We follow a defined structure for our customer onboarding

Data migration

We will migrate your existing data to our system


After quality check and all we will complete all kinds of implementation processes


We will provide training to your staff regarding how to use the system efficiently

Our Ever-growing Clients

More and more SME's are relying on Metro Group to improve their digital process and accomplish their business goals.

Faq's about sales management

Metro ERP sales management system is a tool that helps businesses streamline and optimize their sales processes, resulting in improved efficiency, better sales team performance, enhanced customer relationship management, and increased revenue. 

Metro ERP sales management system provides sales teams with valuable features like lead tracking, contact management, opportunity management, sales forecasting, and performance analytics.

Yes, Metro ERP sales management software offers integration capabilities with various tools. This allows seamless data exchange and collaboration between your sales management software and other such as CRM, marketing automation, or accounting software. 

Metro ERP sales management system streamlines the sales process by automating manual tasks, centralizing data, and providing a unified view of sales activities. It helps sales teams save time, minimize errors, collaborate effectively, and focus on revenue-generating activities, ultimately improving efficiency and productivity.

Yes, Metro ERP sales management system includes quotation management features that enable you to create professional-looking quotes and send them to clients or prospects directly from the system. This simplifies the quotation process, accelerates sales cycles, and enhances professionalism in customer interactions. 

Absolutely. Metro ERP sales management system offers robust analytics and reporting functionalities, allowing you to track and analyze key sales performance metrics. You can gain insights into pipeline health, revenue projections, win/loss ratios, individual/team performance, and more, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and drive continuous improvement..

We prioritize the security of your data. Metro ERP sales management system incorporates robust security measures, including data encryption, user access controls, regular backups, and compliance with industry standards. We ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your sales data. 

Absolutely. Metro ERP sales management system is designed to scale alongside your business. Whether you have a small sales team or a large enterprise, our software can accommodate your needs. It offers flexibility and scalability to adapt to the changing requirements and growth of your business. 

Yes, Metro ERP sales management system promotes collaboration and communication among sales team members. It provides features like shared calendars, task management, internal messaging, and document sharing. This fosters teamwork, improves coordination, and enhances productivity within your sales organization. 

Metro ERP sales management system is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it intuitive and easy to navigate. We also offer comprehensive training and support resources, including documentation, tutorials, and responsive customer support, to ensure a smooth onboarding experience and ongoing assistance. 

Yes, Metro ERP sales management system offers workflow automation capabilities. You can automate repetitive tasks such as data entry, lead assignment, follow-up reminders, and email notifications. This saves time, reduces manual effort, minimizes errors, and allows your sales team to focus on high-value activities. 

Absolutely. Metro ERP sales management system provides customization options to tailor the system according to your unique business needs. You can configure fields, workflows, sales stages, reports, and dashboards to align with your specific sales processes and requirements. 

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