How to add a debit note in accounting app?

To add a debit note in Metro ERP's Accounting App, follow these steps:

1) Navigate to the Accounting Module:

Click on the 'Accounting' module

2) Access Customer Invoices:

In the left sidebar or top menu, click on 'Customer Invoices’.

3) Open the Existing Customer Invoice:

Locate and open the customer invoice to which you want to add a debit note.

4) Add a Debit Note:

Inside the customer invoice, click a button ‘Add Debit Note’ button.

5) Specify Debit Note Details:

Fill in the details for the debit note, including the reason for issuing it and any adjustments needed.

6) Save the Debit Note:

After filling in the details, save the debit note.

7) Review and Send:

Review the debit note for accuracy.

If you plan to send the debit note to the customer, use the 'Send by Email' option if available.

8) Apply the Debit Note (Optional):

If you want to apply the debit note to the invoice, you might need to look for an option to apply debit notes within the invoice details. This adjusts the amount owed by the customer.

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