Boost Sales and Customer Engagement By POS Promotion

Metro ERP gives you POS Promotion feature that matter for your business!

What Kind of POS Promotion?

An accounts person using Metro Accounting System

POS Discount

Discounts like BOGO, percentages off, or reduced prices drive customer purchases and boost sales.

​Bundle Deals

Bundling related products at a discount boosts transaction values.

Loyalty Programs

Rewarding loyal customers at the point of sale fosters retention and repeat business.

How much will it cost us?


Full Suite POS System including sales, inventory and POS modules


One time set up fee for the system and to help your business get onto the InvoiceNow network


How much can we get?
InvoiceNow Transaction Grant Bonus Table

How to get your cash payout

With the nationwide, initiative by IMDA to push businesses to transact on InvoiceNow, your business can get up to $40,000 by buying and selling via InvoiceNow. Our team will gladly train you on how to use InvoiceNow to get to the first tier for buyer, if you are eligible.

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InvoiceNow Transaction Grant Bonus Table
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