How to use filter and group-by functionality in report?

You filter data to display only the required data. Group sorting is a facility available that removes repeated values to make reports easier to analyze.
If you wish to report specific data or keep a record of the data of a certain time period then the filter and group by tools are extremely helpful.

Let us learn how to use the filter and group-by functionality while generating a report.

  • Click on ‘Reporting’ from the top panel.

  • A drop-down menu will appear.

  • Click on ‘Orders’ from the menu.

  • A graphical representation of ‘Measures’ will appear.

  • Click on the ‘Filters’ icon.

  • Select all the options that are required for the data you desire to generate.

  • Example: Invoiced orders in the month of 2022.

  • Then select the Group that you want the data to be sorted by.

  • Example: Point of Sale and Product.

  • The desired graph will be displayed.

Keep changing the filters and groups to be provided will different graphical data.

  • The data can also be displayed and generated in the pivot view.