How to create a product variant?

Product variants are combinations of a product, for example those that have different colours or sizes.

If you wish to create a Product Variant, here below are steps mentioned that you could follow. 

  • Click on ‘Products’ from the top panel.

  • A drop-down menu will appear.

  • Click on ‘Product Variants’ from the menu.

  • A list of already-made Product Variants will be seen.

  • Click on ‘Create’ to generate a new Product variant.

  • Fill in the name.

  • Add a Photo of the variant by clicking on the ‘Pen Edit’ on the camera icon on the top-right corner of the page.

  • A pop-up window will appear displaying your PC’s gallery.

  • Select any photo.

  • Click on the blue ‘Upload’ icon.

Provide the other necessary details about the Product.

  • Click on General information.

  • Cross-check the Product Company details.

  • Click on save.