How to create POS promotion?

For small businesses like startups promotional products have been in use as a cost-effective marketing strategy for years. Right from new businesses to big enterprises, these giveaways are marketers' favorite. The idea is to make people aware, attract and induce to buy the product, in preference over others.

To create a promotion, follow the steps mentioned below

  • Click on Pos Promotion from the main panel.

  • A drop-down option will appear.

  • Click on Pos Promotion.

  • A window of the list of promotions will appear.

  • Click on Create.

  • A new promotion will appear.

  • Fill the required details of the promotion.

    • Name.

    • If it should be active.

    • Type

    • Promotion code if any.

    • Sequence.

  • Set the days of the week.

  • Set the date.

  • Set the time to and from.

  • Set the time to and from.

  • Promotional product costing value.