Deal with your undertaking effectively with the MetroERP project management module

A proficient software that will help you in organising your project additionally with legitimate preparation planning and great tracking component.

Key features of the project management system

Multiple Views

You can utilise different perspectives on task/Projects like List View, Kanban View, Pivot View, Calendar view, Graph view, Gantt View, Activity view, and map view.

Customised Operations

You can create multiple projects, project templates and also custom tasks & sub-tasks. Additionally, a timesheet is integrated for each task.

Report Analysis 

Reporting plays an important role in different types of operations. You can generate reports for the analysis of different tasks. In addition, use filter and group-by functions for better results.

Create & Assign Tasks

Create a task and assign it to a person. At the task level, this task will be visible to both of them, the task creator and the assigned person.

Manage your Team

MetroERP project management system facilitates team management for efficient & timely delivery of the work.  

Track Progress

Track all of the tasks. Use different filters and group- by functionalities for tracking.

Calculate Profitability

Calculate your project profitability easily in the MetroERP project management system.

Calculate Time 

You can easily calculate and record the time spent to complete a project.

Archive Tasks
Archive tasks easily that are no longer needed for any project.

Clear and efficient overview of your project.

Customised visual information for easy and quick understanding. Break down the tasks into several tasks needed and assign each task to the team.  Create several stages to make the workflow easy.

Create your own template. 

Use different project templates for different categories of projects. All you need to do is create a template and while creating the project, just select that particular template.

Easy, right? You can save a lot of time by using this feature. Grab it now!

Communication, discussion and share document.

With MetroERP project management, ease your discussion. Communicate with your team, attach files, mention anyone on your team easily in an organised way and increase the efficiency of the overall project.

Manage and track the progress of the project with a calendar view.

The calendar view will help you schedule meetings/phone calls that you can keep a track of the project as well as all the tasks.

Customer onboarding process


We follow a defined structure for our customer onboarding.

Data migration

We will migrate your existing data to our system.


After the quality check and all, we will complete all kinds of implementation processes.


We will provide training to your staff regarding how to use the system efficiently.

FAQs about the project management system

MetroERP project management system can be used in any type of industry regardless of the industry size. It will basically help to track of multiple operation dividing by different stages.

You can easily calculate project profitability once you successfully created an invoice. It is important to check profitability for any project to see if the project is profitable or no longer needed. You will be just need to follow these below steps:

Create invoice --> Register payment --> Go to project dashboard (Kanban view) -->  Click on vertical three dots on particular project section --> Click on "Project updates" --> Click on kanban view (Top-right corner). Now you will get profitability details along with total sold.

Once you successfully assigned a person to any project, you just need to hover over that person's name and you can see there is a link. Click on the link it will open a chat window where you can text/chat with that particular person.

Also, there is a second way if you want to send any message to all of your followers then just click on the  "Send Message" section and tag to whom you want to send the message.

We will set up SMTP for it. When any task will be changed to one state to another, you will get notified.
Yes you can restrict project visibility. There is a field "Allowed internal user". You can add those persons here to whom you want to give visibility.
It's very simple and easy. You will just need to check the checkbox while creating a project. Now while creating tasks, you can see "Timesheet" tab and keep adding details there.

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